TS-420 Test Set

The handheld TS-420 Test Set is purpose-built for evacuation slide lighting systems, and is approved by both Air Cruisers and Goodrich for use with their evacuation slides. It combines the ability to check the entire slide lighting system as well as the individual battery and light harness components. It includes a digital voltmeter with built-in selectable load bank and a digital ammeter with a built-in 5VDC regulated power supply. A 20 second timer on the ammeter function provides for a hands-free walk around check of the system. All of these features are offered at a fraction of the cost of the competitive TU-14 unit.

The TS-421 Test Set replaces the TS-420

All of the functions of the TS-420 are retained. Significant enhancements include surface mount electronics, touchscreen interface, removable protective cover, increased 3A output, test reading retention features, automatic time-outs, and an improved NiMH rechargeable battery. Both the TS-420 and the TS-421 share a common internal battery charger. Calibration can be accomplished without opening the instrument.

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